2014 CHARITEA wrap up: $65,000

For the team here at Your Tea, our Charitea program is the most rewarding aspect of our company.

Being able to give back so directly and generously means the world to us and we feel it is the least we can do.

In 2014 alone, we donated over $65,000 to a number of well deserving Charities. This would obviously not be possible without your help... and for this we sincerely thank you.

You can see a comprehensive overview of the Charities we supported during 2014 on our 'Charitea' page here.

We made sure to donate to a number of charities around the world which supported a wide range of causes. Trust us, it has been a very difficult process each month to choose!


Now - to the exciting news...

Over time, having watched our Charitea program grow and evolve - we've decided to dedicate a set amount of funds per month to some charities.

Why? Because we want to help make change on an ongoing basis and more often than not, charities get by week by week with uncertainty as to whether their work can continue due to lack of funds.

This ongoing support we are able to offer is something we are very excited about and can't wait to sink our teeth into.

Stay tuned for when we reveal the two charities we will be supporting through 2015 consistently.

Of course, we will also make room to donate to causes in dire needs and as a result, will continue to search high and low for charities in need of a decent donation to keep their charity afloat.


Once again thank you for your support and providing us with the ability to maintain 'Charitea' each month.


Much Love, Your Tea