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July 16, 2013

Don't throw out your Tiny Teatox teabags!

There is more that can be done with your Tiny Teatox tea bags than just soaking them in water!

Save up your Tiny Teatox tea bags for 2 days, keeping them in the fridge until you're ready to use.

Once you've collected 6 or so tea bags - you can open the bags and add the herbal contents into a soup/stew or hotpot.

The taste of the Tiny Tea ingredients aren't overbearing so they shouldn't compromise or override the taste of your dish.

The herbs will continue to do an amazing task of cleansing your insides, reducing bloat and nourishing your system when consumed along with a dish.

Due to the fact the Tiny Tea herbs have already been watered down -  there won't be any danger of overloading on Tiny Tea!


Enjoy x



July 06, 2013

Top 10 factors that can upset your digestive system

Our bodies are complex units. Everything is interlinked and your body demands harmony from all of its organs. 

A number of internal and external factors can upset our organs and digestive system as a whole – here are the top 10 factors to try and control/reduce exposure to:


  1. sugar – it is heating, sticky and toxic to the body in big doses
  2. lack of sleep – your body needs adequate rest to rejuvenate all organs so they can perform their intended roles
  3. over-eating – this can send your body into shutdown mode and put excess stress on your organs
  4. alcohol – both poisonous and toxic to the body, too much alcohol damages the body internally which is evident externally
  5. cold food and drinks – can create stagnation in the digestive system, slowing down the digestive process considerably
  6. emotions – anger/upset/frustration – all will affect one or more of your organs. Try and control what you can and let go of what you can’t
  7. processed foods – they contain foreign properties that are literally indigestible by the human body
  8. pandadol/nuerofen – contain chemicals that will alleviate pains and complaints temporarily, yet will leave a trail of destruction. Try natural remedies instead
  9. anti-biotics – whilst they kill bacteria and bugs – they also kill your insides! Follow up a round of anti-biotics with some gut nourishing foods
  10. Over-exercise – will deplete your Qi and deplete your digestive strength. Exercise is fantastic in decent doses – not extremes. Are there issues in your life that you are avoiding and using exercise as a distraction from?


Take the time to get to know your body and figure out what works for YOU!


July 05, 2013

Why eating a warm breakfast is essential!

The first meal when you wake up in the morning should be one that gently welcomes your body awake, providing it with nutrients and stamina to tackle the day.

Eating a warm breakfast such as porridge, eggs, warm beans etc – will do exactly this.

Starting your day with cold, sugary cereal, or fruit and yoghurt – is much like throwing some water on your face when trying to sleep!

It is a total shock to the system!

For most, eating a cold meal for breakfast will slow down your digestive system for the rest of the day. In addition, the extra energy your body uses to digest the cold meal, means less energy for your body to perform every day tasks.


So go on, try it out for a week or so and see how you feel X


July 03, 2013

Heating up your smoothie!

 As you’ve probably read before – smoothies don’t always work brilliantly with everyone’s digestive system. As they are cold, the body needs to stop, warm the smoothie and continue with digestion. Not only does this digestive process take a lot longer than if you were to have a warm meal – it also expends a lot of energy from the body… energy that you could have otherwise retained!

For those of you who are partial to eating warm, cooked foods yet still can’t part with your smoothie; pop the smoothie on the stove – or in the microwave – and heat until ‘lukewarm’. The taste and nutritional quality won’t be compromised.

You can literally have your cake and eat it too!

Especially in the colder months, this is a great option to avoid the bloat and lethargy that you may experience after consuming a smoothie.


June 25, 2013

Who gets a headache whilst drinking wine? Read this!

Alyse Co-cliff from "An Apple A Day" Holistic Health Coaching gives us the inside story on why many of us get that dreaded 'wine headache'.

Who gets a headache after a glass of white wine or red wine? Ever experience nasal congestion after a glass of red? This might be the reason why...

What many people don't realise is that the negative effects of drinking a simple glass or two of wine or beer, can be a direct result of an allergic reaction to the level of preservatives contained in the beverage. These reactions can include: nausea, headaches, dehydration, inflammation and respiratory problems to name a few. 

FACT: Australian laws currently permit the use of 19 listed additives and 37 different processing aids in wine manufacturing. These can include, but are not limited to:

- 220 Sulphur dioxide
- 221 Sodium sulphite
- 222 Sodium bisulphite
- 223 Sodium metabisulphite
- 224 Potassium metabisulphite
- 225 Potassium sulphite
- 228 Potassium bisulphite

Ingredients that can be used but are not required to be listed on the ingredients list:
- Clay
- Acid 
- Artificial yeasts
- Enzymes
- Gelatin
- Charcoal
- Eggs 
- Casein
- Fish bladder extract

FACT: White wine contains a much higher level of preservatives and additives than red wine. 

In yet another attempt to reduce your intake of preservatives, why not switch your standard glass of wine or beer of choice for an organic or biodynamic preservative free variety. Dan Murphy's stock a great range of organic, preservative free wines and beer online and in-store. I have also found a number of great preservative free wine selections at smaller boutique cellars and health food stores.

Please note: Due to loop holes in marketing laws, organic does not mean preservative free. In this instance, when given the choice opt for a preservative free wine instead. 

Preservative Free Brands I can recommend: Wild Fox Organic Wines, Temple Bruer & Mountain Goat Brewery.
Drink Responsibly! X

Check out Alyse on her website here:


June 16, 2013

Why laxative teas are bad for you - by Nat Kringoudis

As many of you may have read, our TinyTeatox ingredients are very different to the typical 'weight loss' teas out there on the market.

TinyTeatox contains ingredients that work intricately within the body to nourish the digestive system, lift dampness, phlegm and promote toxin removal. This process does not involve the use of heavy, damaging laxatives.

As we feel so passionate about this topic - we had Nat Kringoudis (our YourTea ambassador and qualified Chinese Medicine Practitioner) write a detailed blog about the actual physical ramifications laxatives have on the body.


Why laxative teas don’t work

By Nat Kringoudis


A good ‘flush out’ doesn’t actually equate to weight loss – so why is it that so many weight loss teas are based on laxatives to do the job?  Laxatives actually bulk up and swell the stool sitting in the intestine, which in turn irritates the bowel and starts the process of purging.  The main reason this is a huge health issue and not useful for weight loss is that because less water is absorbed from the bowel which increases the amount of water actually in your stool.  Used over a period of time can severely deplete body fluids and be damaging to the body.


Teas made with laxative ingredients undoubtedly give the intestines a clear out.  However to think that stimulating the bowel can be useful in weight loss doesn’t actually make sense.  Since digestion begins in your mouth, by the time your food has reached your bowels, it has been broken down and partially digested.  By softening it in the later stages of the intestines is virtually useless as a weight loss technique since the process of digestion has been already in action.  What’s more, using these kinds of teas long term are ineffective as they lead to dehydration.  They will prevent the body from absorbing essential nutrients and over a period of time, you’ll end up eating more as your body goes into survival mode – that’s the worst kind of weight loss technique I’ve ever heard of!


From a Chinese Medicine perspective, when we take teas with laxative effects, we further weaken the spleen function.  Other symptoms of a weak spleen lead to fatigue, stomach pain, emotional upset, dizziness and poor memory.  A weak functioning spleen, will have trouble extracting nutrients from food which will eventually lead to severe overall depletion.  For women, it creates a level of complexity around their menstrual cycle too.



Safe and effective weight loss that is correctly supported by maximizing the spleen function is far more effective.  The results are long lasting as the body continues to be supported since adequate vitamins and minerals are being assimilated.  When the body is nutritionally satisfied, we don’t crave foods and we eat less.  This also comes back to eating the right foods (remember warm and cooked foods are best).  Correct food combination, exercise, adequate fluid intake and your tea provide a wonderful weight loss formula.


Read more of Nat's blogs and advise on her links below:


May 21, 2013

Why your smoothie may be making you fat!

Digestion is a complex party.  The dance starts in your mouth and keeps going right the way through until it leaves your body many hours later.  But maybe foods you have been lead to believe are healthy and nutritious, actually aren’t working for you.  How would you know?   Well, your body speaks to you everyday but sometimes the messages are difficult to decode.  You might have found yourself eating all the ‘right’ foods but still gaining weight.  What you might like to understand is just why this happens – and that understanding begins with knowing a little more about digestion.


In a nutshell, for the body to process foods properly, the gut must first heat food up to 37 degrees before it can even begin to think about digesting and pulling nutrients from food and drink.  In Chinese medicine we use the analogy of a pot (being the stomach) sitting on a fire (the spleen) for this process to occur.  Now, if we are always eating cold and raw foods, this digestive fire eventually weakens because of the nature of these cold raw foods; they place strain on the system and slow everything down.  Eventually, the body will stop drawing nutrients out because it doesn’t have the energy to do so.  When the body stops processing these foods adequately, we can see weight gain occur because;

a. the nutrients aren’t being supplied to the body which

b. makes us crave food and eat more as the body tries to nourish itself.

It’s a disastrous circle.


You’re forgiven in thinking that smoothies tick all the right boxes – they can be nutrient rich and you can put almost anything in them and consume on the go.  Sounds like the perfect meal!  Problem is, they are a mixture of raw fruit and veggies blended with ice.   They are cold.  They are super hard to digest and often very high in sugar which also leads to weight gain.  You may be starting to see why your smoothie may be causing you to gain weight rather than lose it!


Protein shakes fall under the same category and can be a huge trap, not only are they generally consumed very cold, they are often used as a meal replacement.  Your body actually likes digesting proper food.  It’s an important part of the digestive process and keeps your metabolism kicking along – a key part of the weight loss process!


There’s one other factor we need to consider at this party and that is our environment.  We are a product of our environment and so, if we are living in a very cold climate, it is even less suitable to be drinking cold raw smoothies.  In the summer months or for those of us who live in warm areas, the body may be better equipped to consume smoothies – but for the rest of the time, I recommend leaving smoothies alone.


So if your body is communicating to you by way of weight gain and sluggish digestion, it’s time to listen.  One easy way of giving that gut of yours a big boost is by adding Your Tea to the party.  Not only is it warm making for happy digestion, it contains ingredients to further aid the body leading to weight loss.  In fact, weight loss is almost a side effect of the tea blend because it’s main action is to get the digestive system firing.  With this, weight loss becomes effortless.


Always be mindful of decoding your bodies message.  It’s a very powerful clue into what works for you!


Nat Kringoudis

Chinese Medicine Practitioner



May 08, 2013

How to get the BEST results from your Teatox!

As many of you will know, there are a number of steps involved to achieving the body you desire.

Drinking our teas will assist you and get this process started.

For many, drinking our tea will be enough to achieve results… for others though; a modification of diet and exercise is needed.

You may have seen us rave on about “eating foods that are gentle on the digestive system” – including suggestions such as avoiding raw fruits and vegetable, warming all foods and avoiding sugar.
Many of you have taken on these suggestions and have reaped the rewards, aesthetically and physically.

One of our customers in particular has a great story.
She completed our 14 day TinyTeatox and reported back to us that she hadn’t felt or noticed many changes.
We passed on some eating suggestions and diet changes to her as recommended by our resident Chinese Doctor, Nat Kringoudis.
Lynn took this advice on board and made many positive changes to her eating and everyday lifestyle choices.
Lynn emailed us recently and told us this: “Thank you so much for getting me in touch with Nat. I greatly appreciate it. I have been putting Nat’s advice to work and have lost about 4 kg:)”

Lynn’s story really highlights the importance of complimenting our teas with our eating suggestions.
For your body to function properly, your digestive system needs to be nourished. Feel free to read the blog from Nat Kringoudis below, which explain the basic concept of the digestive system.

All of our eating suggestions, tips and even recipes can be found at and recipes at

If you’re interested in reading more on the importance of nourishing your digestive system with Chinese Medicine then head across to Nat Kringoudis' website where she provides a huge amount of information on how you can optimise your health and wellbeing!

Digestion in a nutshell by Nat Kringoudis

“Allow me to explain to you from a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspective how the digestive system likes to work. Imagine if you will a pot of soup, sitting on a fire. In TCM, both the spleen and stomach are the organs responsible for digestion; they transform and transport to the body the essential elements of the food and drink we consume. The nutrients they draw from food are sent out around the body to do good – and the waste product are removed and sent out as waste.
So going back to our pot again. To help you best understand, the stomach is the ‘pot’ and the spleen is the ‘fire.’ Therefore you may like to understand that digestion is a process that requires warm energy. Then lets add another layer to this – you may know that all foods have properties in how they behave energetically in the body. Those which are warming and invigorating (think meat proteins, some legumes, chili and alike) and those that are cold (like melons and berries) which can slow down such processes.
For those who have a cold constitution, (you know these people, they’d sit on the radiator and would bear burn marks if they had to ) adding more cold to the pot can be disastrous and equally those who are hot, adding more heat isn’t necessarily ideal either ( it can lead to all kinds of issues like period pain or headaches). So you can quickly start to see, that what works for your cousins uncles baby sitter, won’t necessarily work for you. And just because Miranda Kerr thrives on juice, doesn’t necessarily mean you do too.

Now I’m mad for a good green juice – but what you might not realize is that not only do I take notice of what works best for my body, I also factor in the seasons too. That means that warm foods are awesome in winter when its cold and you can generally tolerate more raw foods in the summer. Adding nutrient packed juices into my diet is seasonal. What’s more, raw foods can be very heavy – as Jess touched on in the segment an over consumption can be linked to weight gain because once again, it puts the ‘fire’ out.

From a Western sense, we may like to look at it like this. Our bodies digest food at 37 degrees. So when we consume raw and uncooked foods, not only does it have to go to work to digest, but it first has to get the temperature of the food up to 37 before it can effectively deal with it. For some people this is no problem. But for those with a sluggish metabolism this can be disastrous."

April 20, 2013

Sugar is not your friend.


 Sugar, sugar sugar. This sweet, delectable substance is an absolute killer!
It's a killer on your teeth, killer on your digestive system and a killer on your butt.
Indeed, this sweet substance has many not so sweet side effects.
Sugar can contribute to bloating, fluid retention, weight gain, acne, reduced immunity and spikes insulin levels.
Ever noticed after eating a piece of cake your spirits are lifted? This is the sugar taking your body on a serious high... but what goes up must come down.
Sugar causes huge physical spikes in your body, which translate to emotional spikes.
Yep - sugar takes your body on one massive roller coaster ride. Not ideal at all.
Eliminating or reducing sugar from your diet will help your bodies functionality immensely.
Of course - sugar is highly addictive, so coming off sugar can be a difficult task.
Once your body has overcome this phase, you will find your body and mind will feel much more level and predictable. 
So go on, challenge yourself and kick sugar to the curb... it may not be easy but the results are 100% worth it.
April 20, 2013

Easy on the Water


 We can practically hear you saying "WHHAAAATTT".
Sorry guys - the western world has drummed a doozy into our heads.
We are all told to drink a couple of litres of water a day... that is FAR too much!
Water is 100% necessary for your body. It helps to lubricate your insides, hydrates skin, organs and aids in flushing out of system of impurities.
But we do not necessarily need 2-3 litres a day of it.
When you consume that much water, you're drowning your body. 3 litres of water on top of meals will create a body that is water logged and prone to retaining fluid.
Unless you're a professional athlete, the human body finds it extremely difficult to use that amount of H20.
Try drinking a litre a day (of warm water) and notice the difference.
April 20, 2013

Why AVOIDING raw foods is GREAT for digestion

We will put it out there - raw food and your digestive system defiantly aren't a match made in heaven.

Highly incompatible in fact!
Here is an analogy that will help explain the effects raw food has on your stomach.
For the sake of this exercise, the 2 cooking pans below represent 'stomachs'.
The cooking pans (stomachs) should already be on a 'low heat'.

           Pan #1                                                

1. Consume raw vegetable                                                
2. The pan immediately looses heat                                 
because the raw veggies are 'cold' ie; uncooked                 
3. The pan struggles to heat up                                          
4. The pan finally gets warm enough to start cooking        
5. The pan cooks most of the food, but couldn't cook        
it all properly
6. The pan is fairly exhausted after all that effort
7. The pan is dirty and still scattered with pieces of food,
and it is SO not ready for another meal anytime soon!

          Pan #2

1. Consume cooked vegetable
2. The pan immediately starts cooking efficiently as veggies are already 
half 'warm' ie; cooked
3. Cooking along beautifully
4. Cooking completed!
5. Pan is clean and ready for next meal
As you can see - Pan #2 (stomach) that was given the warm/cooked foods - was far more efficient in digesting.
Now we are not saying that you need to cook the living daylights out of your foods before eating, because that would compromise their nutritional quality. 
For example, if you pour some boiling water over fresh Bok Choy, this is sufficient to help is digest FAR easier.
This principle and approach to eating will help avoid bloating, indigestion, lethargy after eating and other problems some may face with digesting foods.
By helping your digestion, this will also help to maintain a healthy weight. 
April 20, 2013

Hot Water + Lemon = A Wonder Drin

Consuming hot water and a generous squeeze of lemon is a perfect way to start your morning.

Consuming hot water and a generous squeeze of lemon is a perfect way to start your morning.

The benefits of lemon juice are endless:

- aids digestion

- clears and purifies skin

- aids in toxin removal

- improves immune system


Squeeze half a fresh lemon into a mug of hot water.
This will really kick start your day and your stomach will thank you for such kind treatment.
Once consumed, rinse your mouth out with warm water to clear the lemon juice residue... as lemon juice can be harsh to the tooth enamel when used constantly.
April 20, 2013

Cellulite - How to beat it!


We all hate it - so how do we get rid of it?!Firstly we need to understand what it is. Cellulite isn't just caused by excess fat... cellulite is also caused trapped toxins, poor circulation and a lack of strong healthy blood to carry toxins out of the bloodstream (to then be excreted by the body).Have you ever seen slim girls with cellulite and wondered how on earth THEY have cellulite when they don't have an inch of fat on them?! It's often an indication of an unhealthy lifestyle and/or diet.


In a nutshell, cellulite can be reduced and often cleared by:

1. Reducing weight

2. Changing foods you consume

3. Strengthening blood and circulation


You have to be willing to work with your body to kick cellulite out. You can't expect it to vanish by itself whilst still drinking diet coke! We've created a list of foods to avoid, that will all contribute to cellulite production.


Foods to avoid


* sugars 

* raw fruit (strewed is ok)

* cold water

* energy drinks

* alcohol

* smoking

* fruit drinks

* high chemical foods such as "sugar free, fat free" etc etc 

* chocolates & lollies

* cakes

* carbonated drinks

* peppermint tea

* fried foods

* coffee

* salt

* ice-creams & flavoured milk

* pain killers such as Panadol and Neurofen


Foods to increase


* green leafy vegetables (cooked)

* cooked beetroot (for blood)

* hot water and lemon once a day (squeeze whole lemon in hot water)

* green tea extract

* red meat

* porridge

* cinnamon 

* cardamon

* juniper and rosemary oils for massage

* pepper

* Vitamin A


Exercise = your BEST friend!

This is integral aspect of increasing blood flow to eliminate toxins. You don't need to slog it out at the gym though. Try a brisk 3-4km walk each day accompanied with some weight baring exercises (also vital)... such as push ups, sit ups, lunges and squats. You don't need to go and spend money on a gym membership to kick cellulite to the curb.

Our Anti-C tea is a fantastic tea for treating cellulite. Accompany the the above principles with our tea and cellulite will be a thing of the past.

Here is our Anti-C wonder tea:




April 20, 2013

Health Tips


Be good to your body and it will be good to you.   

Here at Your Tea, we are all about being kind to your body... you only have one of them after all.
A great analogy for this is a car - if you put dirty petrol in it, the car will chug and splutter along and eventually break down.
Same goes for your body.
You need to fuel it properly. Food IS fuel for your body.
What you put in your body will determine exactly how it operates.
A body needs to be nourished with warm, nutritious foods that are soft on your digestive system and loaded with beneficial qualities. 
Unfortunately, there is a huge surge in 'fat free, sugar free, carb free etc etc' foods in the super markets these days.
Hate to break it to you - but snap open bar claiming to be all of the above - and you may as well be eating cardboard.
Those foods hold NO nutritional value what so ever.
They do however, contain a bucket load of chemicals, additives and preservative... all of which create cellulite and toxins in your body. Yuck!
Moral of the story: be conscious of what you put in your body. 
All of our teas in the Your Tea range assist your body enormously. 
There is no magic potion in this world that will fix your body concerns on its own without your help.
BUT - if you treat your body correctly - combine our teas and you will feel like a whole new person.
So are you ready to make your mind, body and soul as best as it can be?

How to be kind to your digestive system:

Let us strip things back to basics here. Your digestive system processes the food you put in it... but what if that system doesn't work properly? Well - this can lead to the following issues; fat storage, trapped toxins, upset stomach, decreased energy levels, loss of skin health... the list goes on.There are a few simple things you can do to help your system by starting where it all began... food. Here are some 'yes' foods and some 'no' foods. Yes = easy to digest, soft on the belly. No = will leave you with an angry stomach!
* Porridge (organic)
* Eggs
* Rye bread (toasted)
* Steel cut oats
* Quinoa
* Pumpernickel bread
* Natural Yoghurt
* Walnuts
* Beans (kidney, red, black and bertoli)
* White rice
* Polenta (great as a porridge)
* Stews
* Soups
* Green leafy vegetables (cooked)
* Roasted pumpkin
* raw fruits and vegetables
* salads
* cold water
* peppermint tea
* cereal 
* apples
* energy drinks
* rich, oily fried foods