Why AVOIDING raw foods is GREAT for digestion

We will put it out there - raw food and your digestive system defiantly aren't a match made in heaven.

Highly incompatible in fact!
Here is an analogy that will help explain the effects raw food has on your stomach.
For the sake of this exercise, the 2 cooking pans below represent 'stomachs'.
The cooking pans (stomachs) should already be on a 'low heat'.

           Pan #1                                                

1. Consume raw vegetable                                                
2. The pan immediately looses heat                                 
because the raw veggies are 'cold' ie; uncooked                 
3. The pan struggles to heat up                                          
4. The pan finally gets warm enough to start cooking        
5. The pan cooks most of the food, but couldn't cook        
it all properly
6. The pan is fairly exhausted after all that effort
7. The pan is dirty and still scattered with pieces of food,
and it is SO not ready for another meal anytime soon!

          Pan #2

1. Consume cooked vegetable
2. The pan immediately starts cooking efficiently as veggies are already 
half 'warm' ie; cooked
3. Cooking along beautifully
4. Cooking completed!
5. Pan is clean and ready for next meal
As you can see - Pan #2 (stomach) that was given the warm/cooked foods - was far more efficient in digesting.
Now we are not saying that you need to cook the living daylights out of your foods before eating, because that would compromise their nutritional quality. 
For example, if you pour some boiling water over fresh Bok Choy, this is sufficient to help is digest FAR easier.
This principle and approach to eating will help avoid bloating, indigestion, lethargy after eating and other problems some may face with digesting foods.
By helping your digestion, this will also help to maintain a healthy weight.