Heating up your smoothie!

 As you’ve probably read before – smoothies don’t always work brilliantly with everyone’s digestive system. As they are cold, the body needs to stop, warm the smoothie and continue with digestion. Not only does this digestive process take a lot longer than if you were to have a warm meal – it also expends a lot of energy from the body… energy that you could have otherwise retained!

For those of you who are partial to eating warm, cooked foods yet still can’t part with your smoothie; pop the smoothie on the stove – or in the microwave – and heat until ‘lukewarm’. The taste and nutritional quality won’t be compromised.

You can literally have your cake and eat it too!

Especially in the colder months, this is a great option to avoid the bloat and lethargy that you may experience after consuming a smoothie.