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Feedback from @alyssakaminski “Hi!!! Firstly I wanted to...

Feedback from @alyssakaminski “Hi!!! Firstly I wanted to say thank you girls so much for making a teatox that actually works! I’ve always been quite a slim person but I’ve had trouble in my thighs and lower stomach. I’m on day 12 of my 14 day teatox an this picture is only from day 9! I lost about 6lbs ( 113-108) so I’m back to my Normal weight! During the tea tox my skin felt amazing, I was not bloated ONCE, I didn’t crave anything and I actually THREW AWAY CHOCOLATE! My stomach got flatter and my thighs felt tighter and more slim! Ahh! I’ll definitely be buying more along with my mom and sister! Thanks so much(: X- Alyssa K”