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At Your Tea we have developed tea blends to improve your health...

At Your Tea we have developed tea blends to
improve your health and well-being, not just in the short term but also in the long term. We are not about quick ‘Yo-Yo’ style changes like other detox’s/teatox’s. We are about helping you create a healthier body by nourishing it, not depleting it. Our blends are all carefully developed by experienced Chinese Medicine Practitioners to promote healthy changes within the body without any nasty side effects. Number 1 rule of Chinese Medicine is that you must nourish your system, never deplete it. As a result, looking at our Tiny Tea blend in particular, you will see that we do not promote it as a teatox for massive weight loss - this is not healthy. Our Tiny Tea helps promote improved digestion, reduces painful bloating and nourishes your gastrointestinal system. This leaves you with a more efficient digestive system which in turn means you get more nutritional value and energy from each meal… This means you won’t be craving sugars/sweets as much to give you that “energy kick”. Our Tiny Tea blend, using natural organic herbs and tea leaves in specific quantities, restores your digestion, putting it back on track the way it should be…the way it was before lifestyle choices like poor diet, stress and inactivity wore it down.