Email feedback from @nadiamydin “Hello! Good... – Your Tea Canada

Email feedback from @nadiamydin “Hello! Good...

Email feedback from @nadiamydin “Hello!
Good morning/afternoon to all you lovely people at yourtea!

I am Nadia and would like to share the results of my 28 days tinytea detox. I am amazed at the drastic results! I definitely feel less bloated, the main reason why I did the teatox. Friends and family have also complimented that my skin is clearer and glowing. My skin all over feels a lot softer. I believe the tea has helped my fat loss. I was not strict in watching what I eat during the 28 days, but I did continue to exercise regularly as usual. I am recommending this to friends now and would highly recommend it to everyone! I must say that the service from your team has been excellent. Emails were promptly replied and my tea arrived a week early! Thank you to all of you at yourtea!

p/s: I am happy for my photo and testimonial to be uploaded on instagram. Although I am a bit shy to upload it myself, do tag me at @nadiamydin :)
Thank you so much!
Have a lovely day! Regards